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Case and Theme Development

The key to success at trial is the development of a case and trial theme that connects with the jurors.  It is not enough to present the evidence; the jury must know why they should care about and find for your client. At Ken Levine Trial Consulting we offer in depth and strategic analysis to identify the themes that the jury will understand and that will win your case whether you represent the Plaintiff or the Defendant. We rely on more than 42 years of trial practice to discover the plain language words and phrases that jurors will use when they discuss the case with each other during deliberation.

Expert Witness Preperation

Your expert witness may know the medicine, technology or other subject matter very well and still not be an effective witness at deposition or trial. The Expert Witness’s testimony at deposition or trial must be comprehensive on the subject and user friendly for the jury. If jury does not understand the important medical or other points your Expert is making, the testimony will not be effective.

At Ken Levine Trial Consulting we meet and practice with the Expert Witness to ensure their testimony is organized, effective and provided in plain language that the jury can understand and will believe.

Demonstrative Exhibits

In this world of social media, jurors expect to see graphics and demonstrative evidence that help them understand issues and arguments.

At Ken Levine Trial Consulting we perform an in-depth analysis of the case themes, elements, and evidence in your case to create simple, yet powerful, demonstrative evidence that will enable the jury to understand your case and how the pieces all fit leading to a verdict in your favor.

Assistance with Voir Dire

Many of the best trial lawyers believe the case is won or lost in jury selection. It is not enough to present a case; the jury must be made up of people that want to hear you and are open to finding for your client.

Prior to trial Ken Levine Trial Consulting will assist with drafting themes and questions for voir dire, also reviewing jury questionnaires, and analyzing/organizing questionnaire information if available prior to trial.

Ken Levine Trial Consulting also offers in-person assistance at trial during actual voir dire, including helping the trial lawyer review jury questionnaires, analyzing, and organizing the information in the questionnaires, observing voir dire, rating potential jurors, and identifying potential jurors who could be removed for cause.


Trial Coaching

At Ken Levine Trial Consulting we rely of 42 years of trial practice, hundreds of complex jury trials and numerous million and multimillion dollar cases to assist with analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

We review the case from top to bottom working to identifying issues and finding solutions to problems.

We help develop simple and memorable case themes, prepare the lawyer for opening statement and closing arguments, assist with creating and presenting demonstrative evidence, developing simple, memorable case themes, identifying plain-language words and phrases that will resonate with jurors, and all other aspects of preparing a strong trial.

Mock Trial

Mock Trials have become an essential element of pre-trial evaluation of a case. We can facilitate multiple Mock Trials with different panels of jurors for each session. Following the Mock Trials, we can debrief jurors and learn which presentations, themes, witnesses, and demonstrative exhibits resonated with them while also discovering areas of confusion, concern, and bias.

The Mock Trial Includes preparation with the lawyers prior to mock trial, as well as follow up after session to discuss results and solutions to problems.

Trial Experience and Proven Results

Ken Levine is a valuable resource and trusted birth injury legal advisor.

Kenneth M. Levine is a retired attorney and an experienced legal consultant who advises trial attorneys nationwide in complex obstetrical brachial plexus birth injury cases.

If you are an attorney preparing for a obstetrical brachial plexus trial, I encourage you to speak with me to see if I may be able to help achieve a successful result for the child and family you’re fighting for.”  – Ken Levine