Brain Damage Hypoxia

Hypoxia occurs when the body is deprived of oxygen. When a fetus is deprived of oxygen immediately before, during or after labor and delivery, serious brain damage can occur. The brain damage often results in cerebral palsy, which is a condition that will affect the child and his or her parents for a lifetime. The law firm of Kenneth M. Levine & Associates provides highly skilled representation to parents of brain damaged infants.

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As a fetus lacks oxygen due to decreased oxygen consumption, a process called metabolic acidosis occurs. Due to the lack of oxygen in the blood lactic acid accumulates. This accumulation causes the blood to become acidotic and can often be measured by a test that measures the pH level of the blood. The idea that the lower the pH, the more acidotic the blood and the more profound the lack of oxygen and the longer the body has lacked oxygen. Checking the pH of the fetus during labor from a blood sample from the fetus’ scalp will provide this information almost exactly. Body/brain of a pediatric patient is affected by hypoxia and how hypoxia of long-standing duration leads to brain and physical damage. An inadequate supply of oxygen causes, and in Elvis Demars’ case caused, multiple physiologic responses aimed at optimizing oxygen delivery to the tissues.

Fetal heart rate devices are also used to monitor the fetus and alert the physician and nurses to signs of distress.

There is a correlation between the length of the duration of the hypoxia and the extent of the eventual brain and physical damage. Hypoxia leads to eventual physical and brain damage, including cerebral palsy.

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