Pharmacy Malpractice

People rely on pharmaceutical drugs to help treat and manage a virtually limitless number of medical conditions. When pharmaceuticals are prescribed, measured and filled correctly, the drugs do their jobs — the people relying on the pharmaceuticals often live longer, healthier lives. When a prescription is filled incorrectly, serious injuries, illnesses and fatalities can occur. If an incorrectly filled prescription or pharmaceutical error resulted in an injury or loss, talk to the law firm of Kenneth M. Levine & Associates.

Were you or a family member injured by a pharmacy’s error? Whether it was an incorrect prescription or the wrong dosage, contact our Cambridge lawyers to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients who have been injured by pharmacy errors throughout Massachusetts.

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Mistakes at the pharmacy can be deadly. When you bring your prescription to the pharmacy, you have reasonable expectations that the prescription will be filled correctly, with the right dosage and the right drug. Failure on the part of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician to correctly fill your prescription can result in serious injury or death.

Kenneth M. Levine & Associates handles many types of medication errors, including those caused by:

  • Wrong medications
  • Wrong dosage/overdose
  • Failure to anticipate counteractions or drug allergies
  • Miscommunication between pharmacy and doctor’s office
  • Confusion between drugs with similar appearances or names

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If you received an overdose of a drug due to an error at the pharmacy, or if you or a loved one sustained an injury due to pharmacy malpractice, contact the attorneys at Kenneth M. Levine & Associates for a free consultation.