Medication Errors

Litigation Against Doctors, Pharmacists and Hospitals for Prescription Mistakes

There are many ways that prescription errors can play a role in the death or serious injury of a patient. The doctor might have prescribed the wrong drugs in the wrong doses, or might have prescribed the right drug for the wrong patient. Pharmacy errors in filling a prescription or instructing the patient might instead play the greatest role in a medication injury. Nurses and hospital staff can also make serious mistakes in administering drugs to patients.

At the law firm of Kenneth M. Levine & Associates, our experience with the investigation and proof of negligence with prescription medication injuries can place the blame where it belongs while establishing your family’s right to compensation. For a free consultation about your legal options with one of our Cambridge prescription errors lawyers, contact our office in Brookline.

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Our attorneys represent medical malpractice clients throughout Massachusetts on prescription error claims. Before presenting your claims in court, we review the evidence in your case with outstanding medical experts, whose opinions as to how the mistake could have occurred will be essential to the success of your lawsuit.

Our goal in the investigative stages of the case is to develop a sound theory of negligence against one or more particular defendants. In prescription error cases, it’s not unusual for physicians, pharmacies and nurses to blame one another and even the patient for failing to use the medication safely. Our attention to detail in developing and presenting the evidence of causation in negligent medication cases can help anticipate and overcome the objections put forth by any defendant.

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