Hospital Negligence

Hospital Staff Malpractice Claims in Massachusetts

It’s no secret that hospitals operate under severe cost pressures. Even renowned research and teaching hospitals in Greater Boston spread their attending physicians very thin in certain clinical specialties, with much of the direct client contact handled by nurses, interns, students and technicians.

At the law firm of Kenneth M. Levine & Associates, our careful evaluation of medical malpractice claims helps us to identify the professionals whose mistakes or lapses of judgment can sometimes play the leading role in a serious patient injury or death. Contact us in Brookline for a free consultation about your legal options in cases of negligence on the part of hospital staff.

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There are many ways that an error by a nurse, staff member or even an administrator can lead to dangerous complications and outcomes. Examples include:

  • Negligence in physician credentialing
  • Negligent hiring or training of nurses and staff
  • Mistakes in communication involving medical records, postoperative instructions or other essential information
  • Failure to monitor vital signs or data displays
  • Failure to follow doctor’s instructions for patient care
  • Failure of nurses to report a patient’s change of condition to treating or attending physicians
  • Improper patient nutrition or hydration during a hospital stay
  • Ineffective pain management
  • Discharge decisions driven by economics and insurance rather than the patient’s condition

Not every mistake by a nurse or hospital employee will support a finding of negligence on the part of the individual or the employing institution. In most cases, your lawyers will need to show that the error reflected a lack of care that violates a recognized standard of practice within the profession. We work with experienced nurses, hospital administrators and other professionals whose opinions on negligence and medical malpractice issues are entitled to considerable weight.

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