Emergency Medicine Negligence

Malpractice Claims Originating in Massachusetts Hospital Emergency Rooms

Many errors of diagnosis and treatment occur in the emergency room. While the main job of the ER physician is to decide who needs to be admitted and who can be released, emergency room physicians do not always base their decisions upon complete and accurate information. If a serious injury or death in your family might have occurred as a result of mistakes in emergency diagnosis or treatment, contact the law firm of Kenneth M. Levine & Associates in Brookline for a free consultation about your legal options.

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Like other medical malpractice claims in Massachusetts, emergency room negligence needs to be investigated and evaluated in terms of what a qualified professional would and should have done under the circumstances of a given case. As a result, our lawyers work closely with outstanding emergency medicine physicians in order to develop a working theory of liability in your situation.

Typical emergency room mistakes involve the failure to order tests, review medical records, identify symptoms or even ask the patient questions that could shed light on the nature or seriousness of a particular medical condition. Some of the risks of improper emergency care include:

  • Undiagnosed stroke or heart attack
  • Missed signs of severe infection
  • Release with prescriptions, but without warning of drug interactions or allergies
  • Failure to order tests or X-rays
  • In accident cases, overlooking serious head injuries while treating broken bones

If the patient is released without admission to the hospital, negligence on the part of the emergency doctor can sometimes be proved through errors and oversights in follow-up, medication instructions and documentation of the symptoms the patient presented with.

Clients of our firm benefit from our attorneys’ ability to work effectively with experienced medical experts who can comment knowledgeably on what an ER doctor should have known, identified and asked in a given situation. For a free consultation about your claim of ER malpractice, contact the Boston emergency room negligence attorneys at Kenneth M. Levine & Associates in Brookline.