Anesthesia Errors

There are four types of anesthesia: general, spinal, regional and local. An anesthesia error of any kind can result in serious injury, brain damage, loss of function or death. The law firm of Kenneth M. Levine & Associates is highly knowledgeable about the ways anesthesia errors can be prevented, the injuries patients can sustain when errors occur and the methods for successfully resolving injury claims.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury due to an anesthesia error, including over medication, contact our Cambridge attorneys to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients who have been injured by anesthesia mistakes throughout Massachusetts.

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Anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and other medical professionals who are involved in surgeries can be negligent in many ways, resulting in:

  • Too much anesthesia
  • Too little anesthesia
  • Allergic reactions to anesthesia
  • Drug interactions
  • Incorrect intubation
  • Failing to properly monitor vital signs
  • Failing to properly administer oxygen
  • Delayed anesthesia

Nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists combine efforts to monitor patients during surgery. Often, one anesthesiologist covers several rooms while a nurse anesthetist covers one room. The nurse anesthetist is responsible for ensuring the patient is stable and for communicating to the anesthesiologist about any signs of patient distress, including lack of oxygen, drops or spikes in blood pressure and blood loss.

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