Cerebral Palsy

Proving Medical Malpractice When Negligence Results in Cerebral Palsy

The various forms of cerebral palsy represent the most severe birth injuries that a newborn can survive. The disabilities that will challenge a child for life are both physical and developmental. In many cases, an experienced medical malpractice attorney, working closely with medical experts, can show that the various injuries and disabilities associated with cerebral palsy resulted from negligence during delivery or prenatal care.

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The term cerebral palsy can apply to any of several forms of infant brain damage that generally result from a period of interrupted oxygen supply during a difficult delivery. Birth hypoxia, or inadequate blood oxygen to the brain for even a few minutes, often reflects a medical professional’s failure to monitor fetal vital signs during labor or delivery. It can also reflect a doctor’s failure to respond quickly or effectively to such problems as the wrapping of the umbilical cord around the neck of the fetus.

Fetal Heart Rate

Fetal Heart Rate analysis is the prime means by which a fetus is evaluated for adequacy of oxygenation, and knowledge of its rate and regulation are thus of great importance to the obstetrician. The FHR monitor is a device with two components: one recognizes and processes the heart rate, and the other recognizes uterine contraction. The external means of monitoring is through a belt on the mother’s abdomen. The external monitor is not exact as it can slip off or come loose. The internal means of detecting FHR consists of a small electrode to the fetal scalp. This mode gives the most accurate FHR tracing because of the directness of the signal. The internal lead also provides information about beat-to-beat variability, an important factor to consider when evaluating a FHR strip.

Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, leads to eventual physical and brain damage, most often in the form of cerebral palsy. There is a correlation between the length of the duration of the hypoxia and the extent of the eventual physical and brain damage. At Kenneth M. Levine & Associates, our medical malpractice lawyers know how to investigate the causes of cerebral palsy that apply in your situation. By the time your legal complaint is ready to file, we will have a sound understanding of the mistakes that were made at various points of prenatal care, labor, anesthesia or delivery. Our ability to develop and present the evidence of negligence and damages can protect your right to full compensation for a tragic chain of events during childbirth.

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