Traumatic Delivery

Recovering Damages When Medical Negligence Results in Birth Complications

Our medical malpractice lawyers work with parents across Massachusetts and across the nation who need advice about their legal options when problems during childbirth result in injuries to the infant, the mother or both. We are an experienced and compassionate litigation team with a proven record of success with our birth injury litigation cases.

Birth injury litigation has long represented a major practice focus at our law firm. Clients work closely with our lead attorneys, Ken Levine and Sheila Mone. Our attorneys also collaborate with prominent medical experts, in-house nursing staff and paralegals to investigate the facts of a given birth injury claim and develop the theory of negligence that we will present for settlement or trial, as the case may be.

Powerful and Proven Childbirth Injury Attorneys

Because Massachusetts law requires malpractice claims to be supported by medical experts before they can be presented in court, we intensively investigate the liability and causation issues in the early weeks and months after we’re hired. Our commitment to close interaction with our clients, however, continues through every stage of the case, from the first consultation to the final resolution. We’re convinced that the closer we work with our clients, the better we understand the case, and the more effectively we can present the claims for compensation.

In traumatic birth injury cases, our lawyers review the performance of each member of the delivery team throughout the process in order to determine whether any particular acts or omissions represent actionable negligence on the part of one or more medical professionals. In some cases, our inquiry will look back the various stages of pregnancy. The failure to screen for certain risk factors can increase the likelihood of complications and injuries during childbirth.

Once we develop and present the evidence that will establish your claim, we’re ready to take your case to trial if we cannot obtain fair and complete compensation through focused negotiation. We represent families in medical malpractice litigation related to a wide range of traumatic birth injuries:

  • Problems related to fetal hypoxia or anoxia, including cerebral palsy or developmental problems
  • Injuries related to the misuse of suction or forceps in assisted birth cases
  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Injuries caused by inadequate monitoring of heartbeat and blood oxygen levels
  • Injuries related to pregnancy-induced hypertension or eclampsia
  • Injuries related to gestational diabetes

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