Negligence in High Risk Delivery

Damages Claims When Your Doctor Fails to Protect Against Known Risks

Some catastrophic birth injuries occur in a few minutes during delivery — an obstetrician pulls too hard on a baby’s head, or a nurse anesthetist fails to observe fetal monitors closely enough to spot the warning signs of cerebral palsy.

Other birth complications represent the end point of a long chain of mistakes and oversights that began during prenatal care. Certain birth injuries are best prevented through pregnancy screening, early fetal monitoring and other diagnostic measures that can identify risks and guide the obstetrician toward delivery strategies that will avoid them. To learn how experienced OB/GYN malpractice lawyers can review the decisions that were made — or not considered — throughout a high-risk pregnancy in your family, contact Kenneth M. Levine & Associates in Brookline for a free consultation.

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Some of the more common conditions to check for during pregnancy include prior experience with C-section delivery, gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH, also known as pre-eclampsia), and large fetus size. One or more of these can increase the possibility of such birth complications as shoulder dystocia or fetal distress.

The proper response to high-risk delivery factors is to find ways to keep the complications from occurring during childbirth. For example, if gestational diabetes has resulted in fetal hypertrophy in the neck, early delivery or a C-section might be the best ways to avoid shoulder dystocia and brachial plexus injury.

At Kenneth M. Levine & Associates, our lawyers work with outstanding OB/GYN experts to evaluate the performance of each medical professional involved with your case. Our consulting experts review the decisions or oversights that occurred at each stage of prenatal care, and can comment knowledgeably on what should or should not have happened at each critical point of the medical record. Ultimately, the outcome of your medical malpractice lawsuit will depend on your attorney’s ability to tell that story clearly and convincingly.

Our Boston high-risk delivery negligence attorneys work with parents nationwide and throughout Massachusetts in birth injury litigation, including cases with slow-burning fuses that reach back into the early and middle stages of pregnancy. If you believe that the risks of your delivery should have been identified and resolved at a point long before childbirth, contact our office in Brookline for a free consultation.